Welcome to Roulette Compass

Do you play Roulette? What if you could have a roulette helper showing to you, spin after spin, a "map" of the table, to help you direct your efforts for smarter betting?

Sounds interesting? You will love Roulette Compass then!

Roulette Compass will give you a sense of direction when playing roulette. It was made to help Roulette players have a better chance at winning, by giving them indicators of groups on the outside of the table. This is not cheating, this is strategy!

There are many ways to use Roulette Compass, and this is where this technique goes beyond other roulette helping tools, Roulette Compass gives you a way to develop your own feel of the roulette wheel to create your own playing strategy.

Main Features:
  • Unique System to Help you play Roulette
  • Beautiful, Smooth and Animated Graphics
  • High Resolution graphics for Retina Displays
  • Built-in help always at hand
  • Settings to customize the app to your liking